Beautiful Meki

       On January 21st 2012 Kinibug adopted Meki, an orphaned Orangutan. The Orangutan Project (TOP) is a not-for-profit organisation, supporting orangutan conservation, rainforest protection, local community partnerships and the rehabilitation and reintroduction of displaced orangutans back to the wild, in order to save the two orangutan species from extinction. We are proud to support the Orangutan Project and welcome Meki into our lives! We update this page as Meki grows and learns about the world.
All about Meki;
Rehabilitation Center: Nyaru Menteng, Central Kalimantan Arrival Date: July 21, 2010 Approximate Age on Arrival: 1-1.5 Years Sex: Female Weight: 9 kilograms Previous Location: Nursery (baby group) Current Location: Nursery (Intermediate group) Physical Condition: Healthy
{Update} 21st May 2012
Not much has changed for Meki. She is still in the nursery group together with Wigly and a couple of other toddlers. She is the oldest in the group but finds it hard to adjust and tends to be very quiet, only willing to join the activities when the other orangutans or the babysitters encourage her to. Unlike Wigly who is very active, Meki likes to just sit around and observe, earning her a nickname “the observer”.
Like most orangutan babies at the center, Meki also loves to cuddle. She cuddles anything and anyone. She obviously misses the warm embrace of her mother. But in order to learn to live in the wild, orangutans must reduce their dependency on humans. So every time Meki tries to cuddle the babysitters, they give her a blanket or a soft toy instead.
Despite her silence and reclusive character, Meki is a favorite in the group. She is loved not only by the babysitters, but also by the other orangutans. Even though she is the oldest and typically can exert dominance if she chooses to, she doesn’t do so. On the contrary, she is very kind and doesn’t mind sharing her food, blankets and pillows with the rest of the group.
Meki is getting the best care possible and also a lot of love and attention at the center. It is hoped that she will soon adjust and feel more comfortable to follow the center’s reintroduction stages and learn all the skills she needs to be eventually returned to her natural habitat and a future in wild.
{Update 15th January 2013}
Meki has been generally good in terms of behavior, but she does like to play harmless pranks on her babysitters, pretending to sit nicely next to a babysitter only to steal some of her belongings. She is also choosy. She only favors certain babysitters and stays away from the rest. She is still very much solitary and prefers to play alone. Meki still seems afraid of older and bigger orangutans. She runs when she sees them. She definitely has a lot to learn to build her confidence and independence.
{Update 17th August 2013}
Meki loves to go to forest school and frequently roams far away with her friends. When she does stay at school, she is just a normal orangutan, enjoying quality ‘swinging time’ in the trees, foraging for forest food and sometimes playing in the bushes. Her weight has increased, because she loves to eat. Sometimes she also steals the babysitter’s food! She still has not mastered the nest-building skill, but she is now able to build crude nests, though she still needs to learn more to make them comfortable. She enjoys the fruit that she gets at the forest. Meki is not dominant and is quite well behaved and bonds quickly with her new friends and environment. Meki is a good-natured orangutan, well, most of the time anyway!
{Update 6th April 2014}
Gorgeous Meki is five years old and she is now attending regular forest school training sessions. Meki is a very healthy orangutan, has a thick, shiny coat and is rarely ill. She loves doing activities up in tall trees and she is able to build her own nests which is excellent.
Meki only likes a few of her babysitters. She loves being around the babysitters that she likes and plays on their resting hammocks. She will sometimes bite babysitters that she doesn’t like. Meki can be adventurous and daring and loves to escape from her forest outing group and explore by herself. She also loves to play with water.